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Kayserburg KAM5Z

Kayserburg Master Z Series • 52″ Vertical Piano

Kayserburg Master KAM5 Vertical Piano
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Standard KAM5 Elements and Materials:

  • Brass Hardware
  • Röslau Strings from Germany
  • Renner Hammers from Germany
  • Solid Tapered Spruce Soundboard
  • Renner Action from Germany
  • Slow Fallboard
  • Ebony Sharps

Additional Processes the Z Series Receive: 

  • Concert Level Voicing on all hammers
  • Regulating Key Action ensures evenness in touch for best response between piano and pianist
  • Strings setting: all piano strings are tied down one by one and completely stretched to further enhance the piano’s acoustics
  • All Z Series Pianos are placed in climate-controlled environments for extended periods to acclimatize
  • Each piano receives additional care and inspections
  • Inspections are repeated until optimal conditions are achieved and final approval is given by Stephan Mohler, Pearl River Piano Master Piano Designer

Kayserburg MSRP: $26,450. Piano Direct Import price starting at: $19,999

Size & Weight:   Height: 52″   Width: 60″   Depth: 25″   Weight: 598 LBS

Available Finishes:

Ebony Polish
Ebony Polish


Specifications are subject to change without notice.