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The best-selling piano in the world was nominated again for “Acoustic Piano Line of The Year” 5 years in the row. In recent years, Pearl River has revised and streamlined its model lineup with the assistance of German piano-design consultants. The result is a line of pianos widely recognized for quality, fine design and exceptional value.

Grand Pianos

Upright pianos

Digital pianos

Pearl River Digital Pianos include Italian International FATAR Grand-Response™ key trends with hammer action keyboard, resulting in a more comfortable touch feeling. Full size Concert Grand Piano sound sampling, providing a more harmonic sound. Simulate the acoustic piano strings system to respond to string overtones.

Pearl River adopted the Italian developed and designed string overtones resonance simulation sound technology. Our digital pianos support 64MB to 256MB wavetable, digital calculated string column structure to achieve physics simulation of hammer action, soundboard resonance effect, enabling the sound to be closer to an acoustic piano.

• 128-512 Polyphony

• 3 pedal with half-pedal function, similar to grand piano pedal function.

• Adopt large capacity 512M to 8G wavetable technology.

• Supports Bluetooth\SD card\ U disk\MP3 audio player.

• Imitate carbon fiber surface, folding music stand.

• Soundboard resonance string overtone technique.