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Kayserburg pianos are completely handcrafted with an unparalleled attention to detail, setting a new standard among piano aficionados by offering handmade German quality, sound and performance at a fraction of the price of their competitors from Germany.

Working within the German guild system, Mr. Stephan Mohler built a team of specially trained master craftsmen who work painstakingly to uphold the highest echelon in quality.

Most Kayserburg pianos are made with German parts including Renner Action Stacks, Renner Hammers, Strunz Solid Spruce Tapered Soundboards, Laukhuff Keysticks and Keyframes, Dehonit Pinblocks and Rӧslau Strings. Most of these above-mentioned parts are routinely used by famous German and other European piano builders. Kayserburg pianos offer old world European sound and feel at a value that is unrivaled.

Grand Pianos

Upright pianos