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Piano Direct Import is proud to offer the adsilent system as an add-on to all of the Pearl River, Ritmüller and Kayserburg pianos that we carry.

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About the adsilent system

adsilent is the best silent system retrofit kit you can get on the market for retrofiting upright and grand pianos.

adsilent offers a world of possibilities:

An excellent piano sound with 9 sample layers and 128 dynamic levels. 100% touchless key and pedal sensors. Key sensors that are unparalleled in their space requirements and high precision. Modern features like integrated Bluetooth MIDI** and wireless remote control via app make it really unique.

At home: Use the adsilent system at home anytime of day or night without disturbing anyone.

Record & Play: You want to record your performance and send it to your friends, relatives or teachers or you want to further process it digitally? This is all possible with the adsilent! Record MIDI data and use it directly with the adsilent app**. Connect adsilent to your computer or stereo system to record your performance in audio format.

Ideal for music school learning: Multiple students can practice at the same time in a music school environment. Place several pianos next to each other without any problems. Students can listen to the played exercises via headphones. The piano teacher can plug in a second headphone and listen to his student at any time.

Controls: adsilent offers different control possibilities. You can operate it by pressing a buttons at the piano controller or directly from your mobile phone via Bluetooth**. (Apple iOS and Androids apps are available for free) The adsilent app. Record, control, listen and more

The adsilent app is a companion app for the adsilent system for upright and grand pianos. The app allows you to easily access and adjust settings such as tone, reverb and volume.

You can record your piano performance and save it in the system. From there you can copy it to your phone/tablet, from where you can send it to your friends via email, or receive new performance data and play it back on your adsilent system.

The adsilent app supports iTunes sharing, so that your performance data can also be managed through iTunes.

Much more detailed information can be found at the adsilent website.