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The new and easy way for retailers to order Kayserburg and Ritmüller pianos!

Kayserburg USA and Ritmüller USA have jointly announced that Piano Direct Import Inc, the revolutionary streamlined piano ordering process, is now the exclusive distributor for both brands in the United States.

As support, Piano Direct Import has partnered with Walter Piano Group to manage shipping, piano prep, technical/warranty support, after-sales service, warehousing, repair, storage, and quality control.

Lori Clutter has joined as the National Sales Manager for Piano Direct Import to implement a plan for strategic growth in the U.S. and to strengthen retailer relationships. Clutter brings extensive familiarity with all aspects of the retail and wholesale music industry, with an emphasis on sales and service.

Leng Tshua, Pearl River Piano Group’s Global Sales and Marketing Director, stated that the goal of Piano Direct Import is to give retailers the benefits of a new and efficient platform for ordering Kayserburg and Ritmüller pianos. “These two brands reflect decades of research and development under the company’s unique European Master Design Immersion Program, and are manufactured to the highest level with German Craftsmanship, coupled with the latest CNC technology.” Tshua added, “The ease of ordering through Piano Direct Import, backed by the support system of Walter Piano Group, ensures that every aspect of being a Kayserburg and Ritmüller dealer is a superior experience.”

Lori Clutter, National Sales Manager
Lori Clutter, National Sales Manager
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